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Biography of Imam Hussain (as)

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Imam Hussain (a.s.), a 7th century revolutionary leader, was the grandson and the righteous descendent of Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) the Messenger of God and founder of Islam. Imam Hussain is revered as a great martyr and his life continues to be an example for his leadership, bravery, generosity and humility. The Imam took a brave stand against injustice and corruption when he refused to give allegiance to a tyrannical ruler named Yazid, resulting in the Battle of Karbala. Although he and his family faced life threatening conditions throughout the battle, his character and piety did not waiver and instead shone even brighter. For example, the Imam’s generosity was evident when he shared his limited supply of water to those around him – including his enemies. In addition, one of Yazid’s main commanders was greatly touched by Imam Hussain’s morals, leading the commander to revoke his loyalty to Yazid. It was unfathomable that a commander would switch sides in times of battle, however when exposed to the character of Imam Hussain, he decided to leave the comfort of his own powerful army and sided with the small, but righteous, army of the Imam. These examples are of many that demonstrate that Imam Hussain is truly an inspiration, and 1400 years later his legacy continues, inspiring us and many to give back.

To learn more, please visit this link to access a Google Doc with additional resources.

**More Quotes by Imam Hussain (as)**

“The most generous of people, is the one who gives to those from whom he has no hope of return.”

“The most merciful person is the one who forgives when he is able to revenge.”

“Greediness is poverty. Generosity is prosperity. Moderation is wisdom.”

“Tolerance is man's ornament, keeping promises is a sign of nobility, and bonding with others is a grace.”

“Beware! Do not be among those who are concerned about the sins of others while neglectful of their own sins.”

“Remember! Your souls have no value less than paradise; do not sell them cheaper.”

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