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Biography of Imam Ali al-Ridha (as)

Imam Ali Al-Ridha (a.s.), an 8th century revolutionary leader, was the 8th righteous descendent of Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) the Messenger of God and founder of Islam. Imam Ali earned the title ‘Al-Ridha’ (The Pleased) because he was pleased with whatever trial God put him in. He is also known for breaking racial barriers and uplifting society through his actions and messages of piety, forbearance, honesty and generosity. On many occasions, the Imam engaged in complex debates with great thinkers, philosophers, and religious scholars of the century. Through these discussions, the Imam awed his audience with his knowledge and powerful message. For example, during one scientific debate, the Imam shared information about health and the human body. The Imam’s words were so insightful that even the ruler, who greatly envied the Imam, ordered for the information to be preserved in a book with gold ink. Furthermore, Imam Ali Al-Ridha was always mindful of the less fortunate. Prior to eating a meal, he would always serve large plates of wholesome, rich food to the poor first. These examples are of many that demonstrate that Imam Al-Ridha is truly an inspiration, and 1400 years later his legacy continues, inspiring us and many to give back.

To learn more, please visit this link to access a Google Doc with additional resources.

**More Quotes by Imam Ali al-Ridha (as)**

“Never become angry with others and do not ask anything from them. Wish for the people whatever you wish for yourself.”

“Do not make your charities fruitless by reproachfully reminding the recipient of your favor or making them feel insulted.”

“The best earner of livelihood among people is that who improves others’ livelihoods out of his livelihood.”

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