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Biography of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) was the Messenger of God and founder of Islam born in year 570. The Prophet earned the title of the most “Truthful” and “Trustworthy” even before he declared his prophethood. When he was a youth, he formed a league to ensure rights of business employees and protect trade transactions within the Arabian State. He advocated social justice, respect for all mankind and empowered women. He combatted racism by appointing a freed slave to leadership role in delivering an important call for daily prayers, by elevating positions of several slaves, and by preaching for equal rights. During an era when women were buried alive and had no rights, the Prophet protected their rights and established inheritance laws for women, encouraging education and respect for female in the society. His own wife Khadijah and daughter Fatima (a.s) were embodiment of knowledge, kindness and piety and became role models for many. He signed peace treaties over war and fought battles as a last resort to combat injustice. In a pivotal moment when he gained power and control of the entire Arabian peninsula, he chose forgiveness over punishment even for his most staunch enemies. The Prophet spread Islam not via sword but through kindness, forgiveness, social justice and highest morals. He is truly an inspiration and 1400 years later his legacy continues, inspiring us and many to give back.

To learn more, please visit this link to access a Google Doc with additional resources.

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